Where can I purchase tickets to your events?

EVENTBRITE is our primary ticketing platform.

Please make sure you are purchasing tickets directly from Postfontaine.com, the band's official website, or the venue's official website:

The Union Event CenterSandy AmphitheaterThe ComplexThe Depot The Great SaltairVivint Arena

What if I bought tickets from another vendor?

You will need to reach out directly to the vendor you purchased tickets from with any inquiries you may have. Postfontaine is not responsible for any tickets that were not purchased directly through Eventbrite.

Ticket resellers take advantage of ticket buyers because Utah has no laws prohibiting reselling or scalping. Ticket resellers often gouge unsuspecting buyers by selling tickets at well over the face value or selling tickets to non-existent seats. On occasion, we have seen resellers duplicate tickets and sell two tickets for one seat.

I have a question about my tickets. Who can I reach out to?

You can reach out to shows@postfontaine.com with any questions, anytime.